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Spent the last few days writing up some code for Dune.

Mainly spent time trying to find optimizations here and there. Main optimizations were found regutting using OGL4 functions. For instance:

And the mainloop as:

Much more simplified than before, which means space savings (yay). Had to make a external texture for post processing though, due to some effects being impossible to do purely in the raymarch (which is too restrictive). I have some ideas on what to do for the demo though, just need to sit down and prototype some. And then work with a musician to slap it all together with some sync and stuff into one neat package.



In-app purchases for a emulator that was GPL to begin with and the “author” does not redist source code. And to add insult to injury, add in-app purchases.

Fuck me. Why the fuck do people get away with shit? We know the FSF are incompetant wankers who only look out for their own self interests (as proven by the Retron5/libretro case). And then its bad enough that the uneducated people on reddit buy emulators because they feel like supporting developers. Oh please…………..Its pretty easy to be passionate by WiiU emulation when you are paid to do so and most likely using stolen Wiiu Cafe SDKs. And its bad enough that people fall for shit like payware emulators.

Oh fuck me senseless sideways >_>