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One of the things that have been annoying me to great ends is the entire “works for me” line people constantly trumpet.

This way of thinking is basically summed to: there is no problems with *something* since its fine for me.

This can be applied to a whole bucket-load of things such as:

  • Computer/video games
  • Emulators
  • Demos
  • Relationships with people
  • Anything arbitrary under the sun.

There was a apt analogy to this to summarize how fundamentally wrong such a argument in conversation really is: “There is no world hunger because I have a sandwich”.

This is a logical fallacy because people can have problems with others while they get along with the same people fine. Likewise, people can have problems with computer software, while others may not for the exact same software for a multitude of reasons. And it insanely bothers me to no end that people keep trumpeting this “works for me” logic to no end. Just because something “works for you” doesn’t mean it works for others. Same with someone liking a certain group of individuals, and others not, and thus playing into the fallacy of if they like that person and you don’t, you are wrong. Its bad enough on various online forums this logic is trumpeted to no end, and then dealing on IRC with extremely similar or the exact same logic.

Good example:

  • Spent 5 hours setting up a TV tuner dongle, and messed with drivers constantly to no end to try to get Windows 10 to accept the drivers because they are constantly reverted to broken defaults by Windows. And to add insult to injury its still broken with host software constantly b0rking up.
  • Had debugging tools break thanks to Microsoft’s wisdom.
  • Had to deal with many architectural problems with PE formats and things thanks again to Microsoft’s OS.

And then people say Windows 10 Anniversary Edition “works for me” and then claim its entirely your fault something is broken on your end. Its completely insipid to make such a insanely stupid remark. Its entirely stupid to dismiss problems under the guise of “works for me”. Which is the entire point of this bloody post.

Same goes for dealing with people. I have numerous enemies and constantly making more. And people say those people are just fine and that I have a problem only. Which completely dismisses things and doesn’t look at the big picture, because they are too bloody scared to look outside their safe space and glass house.

I wish I never had to bloody make this bloody post and I rather do other things instead, but no, it had to be done, because human stupidity never ceases.



Worked on proper reflections these time, doesn’t seem to be that intensive on framerate. Ideally the floor should be something of a fluid.

Got a vague idea of what the next prod will be, but either:

  1. Don’t want to spoil things too much
  2. Don’t want to make things too ambitious.
  3. Conversely, don’t make it too plain to fall into common tropes these days.

To be quite honest, I don’t know anymore if I’ll make it to Syntax this year. I hope I do but currently some things happened that are way out of my hands and I don’t know if trips will be possible this year.