All posts for the month November, 2016

This was something a long time coming.

I have had my run ins with people in the past, which generally lead to me being disliked and downright despised by people. I admit it has been my fault and figured this would be a good way to make amends.

It is a simple host file to forcibly remove oneself from those communities in which I had been downright problematic. I previously tried Blue Coat System’s K9 web filter to filter any websites deemed troublesome by me but that lead to problems with interfering with any software that opened internet radio streams. Which was inexcusable.

So I made a simple host file which blocks up to 100 proxy avoidance sites, so I don’t get the temptation of visiting those troublesome communities. The list of proxy sites is up on my webpage, since I figured it might be useful to others who feel the need to moderate for their own well being or other reasons. I’ll update the list as time goes by, as needed. A member of the #retroarch IRC community shown me this particular list, which I am grateful for and most likely add things from there to my list too, since it has some gems to block like advertising, shock sites, and downright malware/spyware sources.

Hopefully this goes some way to helping reduce drama as well as for my own sanity, so I can be productive again if I want to be.