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Just testing out something for future updates to the blog. Figured since my Internet is now more than adequate for video streaming and uploads, finally spend some time with OBS Studio and do some recordings of code I did.

Here is a prod I did.

Figured I reuse components from winmupen:

To be honest I am amazed the code still works. Sure its limited to mupen64plus 2.0 but at least it works.  The rombrowser is unique in that it also supports Drag and Drop, so if you drag a compressed ROM, it will run it straight away instead of being confined to the rombrowser.

ROM browser is simplistic enough.

Options was decent since it is split into tabs. Could add video/input/audio options in there instead.

Just wondering whether this is potentially something or will it be another thing I have to add in myself in a unofficial patch because:

  • byuu is too fucking incompetant to have a single inkling of compression (doesn’t know math)
  • byuu is too fucking stubborn to accept patches that don’t fit his code standards.
  • byuu refuses to accept leeway on his formats (most egregious since he cannot handle anyone doing any improvements to his formats, no matter who the person is)
  • byuu refuses to use any outside libraries and refuses to acknowledge anything thats not made by him (public domain mp3/vorbis/flac decoders exist, and WavPack has a BSD licensed decoder)
  • byuu always makes false statements and thus he is too problematic to work with as a person (as shown by him claiming I false flagged him on Stormfront.)

For another list of byuu’s flaws visit here.

To be quite honest, that list I linked seems pretty consistent with my experiences so I feel somewhat vindicated.

I have no hesitation if this falls through to just maintain a patch myself for people to use as the case may be.

It seems though this to be case, since the Snes9x people are reluctant to step away with byuu on the format. Maybe I should hack bzsnes-libretro to support such a format.

Reddit in a nutshell:

Ungrateful people, always telling you how to do things, how you should code, if you should report GPL violations to people, fuck that. And why should I even care about reddit as a community? Its clear the vast majority can be just as toxic as I, and I can be just as toxic in cases.

If people don’t like how I operate, they can fuck a bear trap, sincerely. Hopefully they can get cut on it.  And no, I will not stop this blog. It is a diary, and I have every right to write how I like here. Sure, people might not appreciate it but who cares, its not their place to tell me how to do things.

Not malicious narcissism, just out of boredom. I document things how I see them, not how others think I should see them, thats how I’ve always operated. Again, don’t like it? Standard disclaimer applies.

Because I have no intentions of being anyone’s friend. It is clear that in the vast majority of cases, GPL violations are done by people that truly don’t give a fuck. Just look at the Android store. And again, thats not how I operate. I have no obligation to help anyone, only you people are saying that.