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  1. Hi mudlord, thanks for this report. I’d like to work with you to figure out exactly what you’re arguing is violating any of the licenses. I can be reached directly at jason@unbrokensoftware.com, so I’ll look forward to your response.

    LibVLC is, in fact licensed under the LGPL, not the GPL, which permits linking. Please see here:


    Per AutoHotkey, that is a complicated integration (since we’re using a library to reference another library), but I am currently researching that. We will remove AutoHotkey immediately if we are, in fact, in violation, or whatever else needs to happen in order to resolve the problem.

    Per the other libraries that are licensed under the GPL, we are not linking to those products. Including them in a zip file in the EXE is a very different thing, and my understanding is that it is not against the GPL. If you have evidence suggesting otherwise, though, please let me know.

    Jason (LaunchBox developer)

  2. http://imgur.com/a/6q7vG

    Still very much references them.

    I did more hunting. AutoHotkey seems the big GPL problem. The ZIP parser does seem to have a clause permitting commercial use and the CPOL/MIT/Apache licenses just need to be redisted with your app distribution (maybe in install dir). Sorry for the hassle.

  3. Thank you mudlord. I am documenting all licenses currently and will be removing AutoHotkey immediately, as that is the only true issue with our licensing. Nothing that I’m using is using the Apache license that I’m aware of; what library were you referring to there?

    Details on all licenses and libraries are here: https://www.launchbox-app.com/license-details.txt

  4. Looks good. The MIT/Apache/CPOL just need text copies in the frontend directory and if you remove AHK, you will be fine, since those 3 licenses seem to just need attribution, and yeah, nothing wrong with WTFPL (I love that license). GPL though is where the problem is. 🙂

    The Apache license applies to the WpfAnimatedGif library, which you reference in your dialog about screen.

  5. Mudlord,

    Given the obviously clear intention of the Launchbox developer (Jason) to work with the licensing issues, him being openly transparent about fixing the couple issues you made a fuss about, how about removing your prematurely-asshole conclusion: ” I wonder why people even use this frontend. Maybe people like to live in complete ignorance. I suggest people to boycott this frontend for these reasons.” – seems the decent thing to do, doesn’t it? People use it because it’s awesome, and they are very much NOT ignorant for doing so.

    – Brett

      • This isn’t about censorship. This is about admitting that you jumped to conclusions and apologizing for being a dick. Pretending that it’s censorship to admit you were wrong is a gross and deliberate misconstruction of the concepts of censorship and free speech. It’s just self-righteous and masturbatory.

        Also the shot at the developer’s religious beliefs are just childish. Learn to tolerate.

      • Its not censoring when you’re being a shit for brains assclown who could remove a line that could potentially harm a project you just agreed was fine, contradicting your original post. I only somehow landed here looking for ps2 fan translations on google and read this article but sounds to me like you’re a dick

      • As an advocate for free speech in all of its forms I don’t think that you needed to remove the lines It was your personal opinion at the time of writing, I think that just a simple strike through of the “offending” portions of the text would have been sufficient. Also you seem to be a very very angry man, and I wholeheartedly respect and admire that keep up the good work and don’t let the idiots of the world get you down because people are ignorant, vapid, lazy, and easily offended creatures and should in all honesty be ignored and avoided at all costs but its important to call people out on their bullshit and you are doing an excellent job at it and you have an extensive knowledge of programming and i haven’t been able to understand more than 3 of the posts on here and I think I may actually learn something by coming here more frequently. Also apologies for this being extremely long winded its the autism (mine to be specific) it tends to make me blather on without actually saying much, like a game developer at a press conference.

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