All posts for the month February, 2017

Not much news this week:

  • Updated main site to use SSL. This includes this blog.
  • Looked at Dxtory. The DRM is nicely done, using both Dotfuscator and .NET Reactor in the same software, managed to deobfuscate those to some degree. There is a serial file based on RSA signatures as well as some elaborate checks. Its pretty nicely done. I need to delve deeper to see if a proper job is done. Its been a long time since I touched .NET stuff.
  • Had a brief glance at Cemu again. Just need to sit down and do some coding this time. I wasn’t sure of how useful the source code is on GitHub, so I removed it. Most likely will upload it somewhere else, if people desire.
  • Watched Doctor Strange, loved its fractal usage. For instance..And….And….Visually looked very nice. Looks nice how the fractals have textures mapped on them and in very high res. The image design for the rest of the movie is quite nice too, especially in the Dark Dimension and other places.
  • Spent some work on: (for those that get the reference 😉 )

Not much news this week:

  • Did some messing around with irukandji. Mainly getting it to run in a thread. Still lots of work to go. Rewriting graphics to use OGL4.3 mainly because of gl_load_image_store.
  • Did some basic work with Cemu. Reverse engineered some slabs of code and worked out some things. Seems the serial algorithm has been updated or I may be wrong in that regard. Some attempts at obfuscation have been made, but once the tricks are worked out, it really isn’t too hard. The core DRM related functions are sometimes “obfuscated” like this:

    Many of the traps and triggers are obfuscated like this, but its pretty easy to fix them. And here is a prelim. analysis using fuzzing of the main settings file:

    Reason its taking so long since I am coding very sporadically just like on my other things.

  • Managed to finally convert foo_dsp_effect’s dialogs into CreateWindow calls for the UI element rewrite:


Not much news this week:

  • Did small updates to mupack. Mostly finded out where the most brittle code is. Found that compiler optimizations in some spots can break generated code so #pragma use is more carefully done.
  • Started work on foo_dsp_effect to rewrite things. People wanted UI elements so might as well work on that.
  • Cemu 1.7.1 introduced some changes which broke the keygen for the time being. There was some attempt at obfuscating some code, might warrant a further look. Its saddening to think no one else is looking at the DRM, which is a shame.