40 comments on “cemu 1.7.3d cracked.

  1. so unbelievable!!( •̀ ω •́ )y,so excited,I have to reply you to express my admiration for you,lol
    Learn from you

  2. Are you the “ITT Reversing CEMU” guy? mind linking your discord? I was chatting with you earlier too

      • super cool man. would you consider video tutorials in the future on working with x64dbg? there really isn’t much out there, and you have great knowledge with it.

        (tutorials where you actually speak would be prime)

        • Dunno, and I don’t know how much a hardass Google is with livestream recordings of such things.

          It might be fun, I have the bandwidth to burn these days home internet wise, but not sure if Twitch would allow such things.

  3. Thanks for reversing their poorly obfuscated DRM famalam CEMU devs are total jews

  4. Why did you do this? From your article “Reversing Cemu.” it did appear that you didn’t want to spread a crack for this. Did you change your mind?


  6. it works better than the others so far, but apparently there is no water to swim in and people are up to their knees in the ground

    • Yeah, the game is only out a bit over a week. Physics don’t really work so corpse can vanish, and the runes which need lock on to a targed also don’t work.

  7. Wow its amazing how do you that things, i used to like all this things about programming but i have to let it go.

    sorry for my english and thanks your the man :).

  8. How about patching it so looks for the files under My Documents/Cemu instead of it’s working dictionary/folder it’s a pita copy files from one release to another after every update.

    • I could do that with the patcher script, nice idea. Since keygenning takes a while since they keep changing the algo drastically
      (plus I learnt what I wanted to learn by doing it twice), might as well do a generic crack.

      • Yeah the issuse is compounded by the new updates / dlc support too, I can’t believe exzap has overlooked something so simple.

  9. Just wanted to give thanks and major kudos for not only providing the RE’d version but also for your ‘Reversing Cemu’ blog post explaining what you did to a previous version.

    I am an aspiring software reverse engineer so I am still completely inexperienced with this. Thus, that blog post will be useful as part of my learning. I am also glad to see x64dbg has become mature and useful – I recall years ago it wasn’t very accurate. Since OllyDbg is likely never going to release a 64-bit version I was glad to see an open source project (x64dbg) get a lot of love.

      • All good crackers do. Shit like this happens all the time to real crackers from CPY and shit. They make all their fake websites like skidrowreloaded.com and then some idiots distribute malware.

        Real crackers never ever would put viruses in their own shit, that would be scene reputation suicide.

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