4 comments on “libretro core loader work.

  1. Hey Mudlord love what you do man, idk how else to contact you, but will you be cracking cemu 1.7.4 when it releases tomorrow? This is perhaps the biggest cemu update yet and BOTW will be almost perfectly playable, its just a shame us non donators had to wait extra long this time.

  2. Cool project. It looks it it will become useful for you in the future.

    >Any public versions, if at all, will have DRM on them.

    Is this to keep people from stealing your code for commercial use (like shitty fly by night “emulator consoles” who steal emu code and sell it as a product)?

    • Pretty much. I noticed companies on Steam rebadging emulators. (Piko Interactive comes to mind….).

      Sega though is doing things the legit way, so I have zero complaints how they do things.

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