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No, I wasn’t paid off.

Some of the reasons I stopped developing it are:

  • In my personal life, I recently found things that actually have more meaning than just repeatedly cracking the same thing over and over again. I rather focus on those things. I rather spend the time I have on things now I actually enjoy instead of cracking something I hardly use. Plus, I rather spend time doing things I actually enjoy with the time I have these days, like a normal person would.
  • I cannot fight Exzap, its clear pirating Cemu hardly made a dent in his profit base.
  • I learnt what I wanted to know from Cemu’s DRM system. I learnt a great deal about x64 reversing in the process and worked out some new ways for myself on cracking things.

Just from a traffic report for the month/week.

  • VBA-M is explained due to my avatars.
  • is fine, since I know there is a presence of some people who use Cemu there.
  • Yandex is probably some Russian forum, so, again, fine.
  • 4chan is, as expected.

What I don’t expect nor like is the adfly or zytpirwai links. Personally I wish those would go the heck away since I would rather they link to my blog like Reddit and cs.rin does. I wish there was a way to starve adfly links of oxygen.

Get a decent crosshair:

Read this for moar info. Seriously

Turns out it can make a massive difference. I wish I knew crosshairs were as configurable as this in games. Who knew, right?

Sorry for not shit like coding your emulators or libretro frontends, or EXE/DLL packers, or audio DSP plugins.

Well actually, I am not sorry at all. I like having a life outside programming all the time.

Yes, I buy games with the money I make from work. I am a terrible human being for not making Cemu cracks constantly so Exzap can improve his DRM so in turn it helps his money stream.

Heck, I should go back to playing Bulletstorm and CSGO even if they are deemed shit games…I heard Yooka-Laylee sucks too. Even though I bought it at launch and rebought Bulletstorm even though I did my own GFWL emulator DLL just to play the original Bulletstorm…

What happened:

  • Did the 1.7.4 line of Cemu cracks. Turns out they were absolute shitshows. I am disgusted at myself that I let them out in the state they are in.  Turns out I should have been testing games more than I should have since there was some things wrong with them.
  • Turns out Starcraft 1.18 was released in beta and played that. Still playing it.
  • Did some CSGO videos on my youtube channel.
  • Worked sporadically on the libretro loader. Found out why the timing was so busted. Now need to overhaul the retro_run call routine for the DLLs so timing, and hence audio is fixed. Using Windows resamplers this time, pondering switching to Xaudio2 instead of DirectSound.

One thing that annoys me about GitHub is the current theme it uses.

Looked quite garish, and I personally couldn’t stand it at all.

So I did this.

Looks much nicer to me on Windows. YMMV.

If anyone wants it the GreaseMonkey script to do this is here.

Cemu 1.7.4c

Note: I’ll crack it when I feel like it and if I feel like it, if at all. Plus, if I am motivated enough to deal with Exzap’s constant DRM changes each single version, and not feel that cracking each successive version is turning into a mindless boring job.

SHA-1 of Cemu.exe:


Used a more thorough and shotgun approach this time, to make it easier for noobs to deal with.

Seems there was the usual bag of crap. Plus some new stuff. Like….

Protection triggers inside HLE handlers.

I find it odd they didn’t amp it up to eleven, but without saying much, doing more could eat HLE handler performance… Ew.

I did it this way just for mental masturbation, since thats how you get better at RE, by pushing yourself in how you do things and what you do. I have zero interest in Cemu as a emulator, and people I know know how I feel about the Cemu team’s “ethics”.

Apparently someone on Discord tried Zelda and it works? All I did was boot the usual suspect MK8 to see if it runs.


EDIT: Updated to 1.7.4.b

EDIT2: Updated to 1.7.4c. You will need to use the files in the zip for this rls, especially settings.bin (but feel free to change your settings), serial.bin and Cemu.exe. They seemed to have upped the security for the DRM it seems.

Credit to AceofZeroz for supplying the original uncracked thing and the idea.

Added a special serial.bin for use for this version:

EDIT3: Had a quick look at 1.7.4d, seems its changed a fair bit, yet again. Instead of triggers in GX2 HLE functions, there was a unknown at this point slowdown whenever a cracked version is used, just like when the interpreter is used. Which I admit is proving a great pain to debug. Exzap is finally doing a good job with the DRM it seems.


So I started to work on something for myself.

Thought I was being productive. Since I wanted to do something for myself and since the idea of something like this looked reasonable and nice:

Then I had a cursory look at 4chan, of all places. Which I should have never done.

Lets get some things straight here. I’ll be using Steam Survey results in my justifications:

  • MSVC2017 can compile for & target XP. Though hardly anyone uses it. Question is though why bother considering the statistics. Stats don’t lie.
  • I could go down to Windows 7, I thought Win8 was reasonable. And no one seems to use Vista anymore. Granted, Windows 7 is a reasonable userbase size.
  • Windows Vista introduced DirectX10, which is on the same feature level as OpenGL 3.3. Considering the userbase using Windows 10 and Windows 7, I wonder why the heck are people complaining about. And catering for Direct3D9/OGL 1.5 is hardly worth it at all these days, considering the absence of users still on Windows XP. And most libretro cores require OpenGL 3.3 core support anyway, making OpenGL 3.3 support mandatory.

And since it:

I hardly care if it works on others or not. Its my own software. Don’t like it, you are free to do what I did and write something else. The libretro API ain’t that hard.

This now somewhat infamous rant sums it up:

Fuck these people.