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  1. This release is awesome! – Mudlord out did himself on this one!

    Zelda BOTW is running as 1.7.4 should, come get this batch of cookies while they’re hot! πŸ˜€

  2. is this 1.7.4 because botw the grass dose not show up and the magnet dose not work. I hope i am just doing something wrong. Can someone say if its all working for them and what they did to get it to work thanks in advance

    • Its hardly his job, he’s doing it in his spare time and he will do it whenever he feels like doing it.

      • Exactly.

        It is not my job to do this, unlike what most people think. I do this entirely when I feel like, if at all.

  3. Side note, if you want to bump your rupees without loosing time in grinding, this can be done once for all through Cheat Engine:

    1/ Attach to Cemu.exe
    2/ Add support for the 4-bytes big endian data type: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:GMHh1-5PsqcJ:forum.cheatengine.org/viewtopic.php%3Fp%3D5305367
    3/ Use the usual Cheat Engine steps to find the address holding your rupees count, then edit its value. The address hosts a 4-bytes big endian data type, and there are 3 matched-addresses expected.

    I could not find a static address, even with the same Cemu / Zelda binaries: the holy address changes on each Cemu.exe runtime.

  4. Hey,

    I’m interesting in this type of stuff – as in the fundamentals and the stepwise approach to cracking something. How would I go about learning how to crack stuff (hobby purposes and the feeling of satisfaction)


    • Mudlord actually made a documentation about the previous version on how he reverse engineered it.


  5. Mudlord you are the boss you are the one are you neo? lotof kisses on your body πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  6. So tried everything, and yeah…def no grass, so this isnt actually working

    Has anyone who experienced this understood the reason why? I excluded any extra files too, so just using what was downloaded seems to be a faux 1.7.4b that is identical to 1.7.3d

      • Now you have me intrigued. I have personally not tried Zelda at all since I have no interest in it (I have a Nvidia GPU), but I wouldn’t rule it out considering others seemed to have no problems.

        EDIT: Now it makes sense, on 4ch forums, people say it runs fine for them and they use Nvidia….kinda pathetic with all the Patreonbucks that Team Cemu cannot afford more developers that use AMD, or they have dual computers each with Nvidia and AMD GPUs to each code on (as in, two computers each dev, one with Nvidia, one with AMD)..

        • Nah both of the devs have NVIDIA, so yeah figures why AMD is down on the list.

          Also your work on cracking cemu has me intrigued, would you be able to make a video on how you reverse engineer these things?

          I did read through your previous documentation but I guess the protection must’ve changed by then.

        • So with my AMD card, i found out when i initially dropped 1.7.4 release over your cracked 1.7.3d configuration, I was able to load the physics introduced inthe 1.7.4+ release. Though when I use your 1.7.4 cracks, the game loads without them. I am not sure if this is an isolated portion due to CEMU not testing it on AMD (thus other issues) – but I am not sure if there is some link that could combine the two releases (1.7.3d + 1.7.4c) to form a more functional release for AMD users. I would imagine it would require some looking into, so its more food for thought.

    • The exe file of the OP has no doubt on that topic: the app title bar states “1.7.4” and I could confirm its changelog on my copy of Zelda BOTW (physics and aiming fixed, mainly). I don’t know if it’s RC “a” or “b” btw. Probably “a”. Hence, this exe is a Cemu 1.7.4, no doubt.

      Apart of the AMD GPU bug cause possibility (what I do not believe, since GPU manufacturers probably meet at the DirectX API), you may have a corrupt copy of the game: https://www.reddit.com/r/cemu/comments/62wxfl/cemu_174_release_and_troubleshooting_megathread/dfpwots/

  7. Hey, thanks ! Awesome job you did here Mudlord !!

    I confirm, this is the 1.7.4b version, works very well and add some big fix :

    – Grass and effect on it (wind, fire,…)
    – Water (swimming, temperature,…)
    – Thunder lightning fall on Link if you wear metal stuff (shield, sword,…)
    – Magnesis work
    – Stasis work
    – Cryonis work on every water
    – Camera Rune work, you can continue the main quest. Just the pictures still black in album
    – Now you can accidentally slip when climbing a mountain when it rain
    – Light fixed
    – Binocular fixed (and pins)

    In other words, most Physics of the game are fixed.

    There are still bugs, like camera lock, softlocks, but the game is now really enjoyable πŸ™‚
    See the Cemu Reddit for more infos.

    Best play on i5/i7 CPU and Nvidia GPU.

    Best regards

  8. Hey Mudlord, they’ve just released version 1.7.4c. Will they have amped the security on it?
    And great job on this btw, I really think that cemu is just getting the emulator space shoken up with their managment of their patreon and closed source status. I admire your work.

  9. Thanks a lot mudlord. Unfortunately, both your cracked versions (1.7.4 & 1.7.4b) are incapable of running quite a few games e.g. Nintendo Land, Pikmin 3, Star Fox Zero, Super Smash Bros., TLoZTP. This is not the case with the original uncracked versions.

    • Kind of makes sense. They added some triggers to HLE functions now, I could have missed some for some functions.

    • The latest version “s” of CemuHook are seemingly not intended for the latest versions of Cemu.

      Go for this older CemuHook version ( https://www.reddit.com/r/cemu/comments/62y0vo/cemu_hook_error_could_not_find_required_functions/dfpzjn8/ ), and you’ll be fine.

      Place the CemuHook DLL in the Cemu basedir, set Cemu Vsync = true, plus this in your Cemu gameProfiles file for Zelda BOTW, no other changes, no CheatEngine SpeedHack:
      emulateSinglePrecision = true

      disableGPUFence = true

      And you should be fine. What it does: it enables video cutscenes, and boosts/equalizes framerate (~25-30 stable in wide open areas, and the same in small rooms where you could expect a too fast experience).

  10. The version 1.7.4c have been release too. Maybe the last version will be the d, like the 1.7.3.

    Download link if somebody want

    Changelog on Reddit
    – Graphic improvements
    – Minor optimizations
    – First-time compilation of shader cache is now multi-threaded
    – Graphics packs can now modify texture formats
    – Bugfixes & minor new features

    Thats wasn’t the complete changelog :Β΄(

  11. Why would they step up their game? They don’t care if you crack it.
    They don’t force anyone to donate to them. They just thought it would be nice to offer something to people who did.
    After all, after a week you will get the solid release and not minor bugfixes a,b,c,d…
    Donators are actually the ones testing those releases and giving feedback.

  12. Mudlord you are a boss! Patiently waiting for a cracked 1.7.4c! You are appreciated <3

  13. Just put serial.bin and settings.bin files from cemu1.7.4b into cemu1.7.4c folder and it will work perfectly

  14. 1.7.4b unfortunately freezes after loading any game.

    Happening on a fx6300 cpu and also xeon e5440.

    Worked on an i5-3230m.

    PLEASE FIX THIS FOR 1.7.3c!!!

  15. 1.7.4c not work i try diferente combinations.

    Put serial.bin and settings.bin files from cemu1.7.4b into cemu1.7.4c folder – FAIL

    Block fron Firewall – Fail

    Disconect ethernet cable fron modem – Fail

  16. 1.7.4a works like a charm, and we could easily wait for the public release in 6 days guys πŸ˜‰ Well, you provide a big hype here mudlord, and you went on with 1.7.4b. If you hold back a bit, until the Cemu team unloads its last bit (1.7.4d should be), it should be the last effort, still really unecessary πŸ™‚

    Thanks for skills and doc btw. I read much on ROP attacks, to use a process own private memory to point to unintend(o! lol)ed code, then escape the sandbox. It’s very interesting, but I’m not skilled enough to understand it fully and put it into practice :/ I’d love to.

  17. mudlord: Thank you for what you’re doing, it really means more than just cracking warez…
    This particular crack is poetic justice for a team who is getting rich off of doing what
    most homebrew programmers do for free. They have insulted the legit community and
    worse yet, they have more support than ever. I can not believe people are willing to
    continue to pay them EVERY MONTH, WTF is this insanity!? PATREON is offensive.
    You don’t just pay once, you pay every single month. Sometimes you don’t even get
    anything for your payment, it all depends on the time of month. It’s ludicris.

    Please continue offering a reason for smart people to not give into the temptation
    of paying these jerks. Thank you for your work!

    • I’d like to see you at work. Can you code a modern gaming platform emulator? lulz (no)

  18. Thank you so much for your hard work. keep it up.
    Oh and BTW if anyone knows where i can get the latest update for BOTW on zippy or Mega…. would be great πŸ˜€

  19. Hilarious… Thank you for the great work. Your new crack of 1.7.4c just came out.
    Rockin’ it man! 8)

  20. I don’t know if this is a problem with these cracks of yours or if I’m just dumb, but I can’t get BotW to load. If I use a fresh start (no shaders or saved files) it gets stuck at the beginning after “Open your eyes”. If I try to load a saved game, it gets stuck about a quarter through and doesn’t progress from there. If I don’t change the system version within BotW itself from 0.9.0 to 1.0.0, it requires a “system update” and doesn’t let me play.

    I have the latest BotW patch + DLC and it works just fine without changing the system version on 1.7.3d. Any advice?

  21. I’ve played BOTW 1.0.0 (it’s what Cemu shows me on gamestart) about 1 h now without any problem.
    Other games i’ve not tested yet. Only The Wind waker i’ve tested yesterday with your 1.7.4b cause i was hoping that the problem with the photobox was fixed, but it seems still that this feature is still not working on cemu.

  22. I can confirm ZELDA BOTW is working fine. For people having issues, remember…
    BOTW is still very early in emulation and there are many people who are registered
    cemu users having issues running it. If you can’t get it to work, I suggest reading some
    of the cemu/botw help forums. I have a GTX 660 with an I5-3470 quad core CPU @ 3.20 GHz
    and 8 gigs of RAM. MEMORY is a huge issue with BOTW and I think one of the main reasons
    for it to outright crash. Go into Control Panel/System/Advanced/Performance/Advanced
    and make sure your virtual memory is set to at least 16 gigs. Also, if you have an NVIDIA
    card get EVGA PRECISION XOC latest version (v6.12) and click the K button to put your
    card into maximum overdrive. 8) Make sure you’re running the latest drivers as well.
    Last but not least, tweak your system. Shut off all programs in your startup and make sure
    that the only thing running is CEMU and bare necessity things for the os. If it crashes, reboot.
    Also, grab the huge shader cache and let it compile. It will take around an hour initially but
    after that it will load faster. This makes the game play smooth as hell and never lag! 8)

    • Do you have an AMD card? There are various issues since the CEMU devs didnt have an AMD system prior to Aprils patreonbucks payout, so it will likely take some time.

      With my AMD card, i found out when i initially dropped 1.7.4 release over your cracked 1.7.3d configuration, I was able to load the physics introduced inthe 1.7.4+ release. Though when I use your 1.7.4 cracks, the game loads without them. I am not sure if this is an isolated portion due to CEMU not testing it on AMD (thus other issues) – but I am not sure if there is some link that could combine the two releases (1.7.3d + 1.7.4c) to form a more functional release for AMD users. I would imagine it would require some looking into, so its more food for thought.

    • Download and implement the newest version of CemuHook. Just drop the .dll in the same folder as cemu.exe and that should fix the physics problem. Good luck!

  23. Does this version has something modified? I mean now im getting 30fps and 60fps in menus, without any hack, or the hook, with the version .b i was getting like 15-20 outside and 30 in the areas less populate, this is great btw.

    Thanks. πŸ˜€

    • Yes, because this version has this enabled in Gameprofiles :

      disableGPUFence = true

      Break the internal V-Sync of the game. Basically the same work of Cemuhook but with no cutscene active. To watch cutscene, add Cemuhook 3.1.0 in Cemu root folder.

  24. >mayyouburnin…
    what shit do they put people through though? what’s up with the butthurt? It’s a freaking free product

      • Through Patreon, the Cemu team gets donations, and subscriptions. Subscriptions grants a 1-week early access to b* (betas, bugs also). 1 week later, the soft is released publicly as freeware.

        Depending on the Cemu devs locations, this Patreon kewlness may approximate a salary but it’s probably just to pay cigarettes and food and..

        Wait, WHAT? 8,500 subscribers, 35,000+ $/month? Ok, they do make big money out of it.

        That may be well deserved, since almost none of us is able to develop such software.
        Let think of the other way around: Cemu devs getting no money out of it, and having no job or no time aside. The emulator would never have been made, or not that fast.

        What worries me the most in the end:
        – This is not opensource: dollars are rolling, knowledge is sleeping
        – This can become a fully commercial product (not meaning quality/grade) anytime, based on marketing, business, trends, collectGarbageHere. Imo, this won’t happen, for 1 lucky reason: the Wii U is not a winner platform, has too few good games. Now imagine Cemu was a Playstation 3/4 emulator: they would be largely empowered by that

        • If was PlayStation 3/4 emulator, nobody would give a fuck. PS3 emulator, the RPCS3 only start the develop on 2011, and PS3 is an 2006 console. Vita even have an emulator until now.

          Nobody give a fuck to Sony emulation

      • paying for software that allows you to do things that violate copyrights lul never

  25. 1.7.4c is sometimes launching in unverified/slow mode. Strange because it was working initially, now I just rerun it a few times until it opens up verified.

  26. Yeah, despite what people are claiming, this doesn’t seem to work (at least for Zelda BotW). Yeah, it says verified, but it doesn’t have any notable changes from cemu 1.7.3 such as grass ect. Don’t quite know if I’m doing anything wrong, but with every “crack” I’ve tried has the same issue.

  27. Oh mudlord where art thou, your peasants await 1.7.4d me lord,

    I seriously need this one since I have AMD, but still take your time me lord, for I am a patient follower.

  28. I’m amd user too, but let him bee LOL. He will crack it when he has time and will

      • Ahh tell these chumps where to go. Lmao, thanks by the way, you made my night even with the (c) release.


        If I were you, I’d be proud of my progress, and leave it be, must lots of back breaking, essentially for people being impatient. The public release is the 9th anyways.

        Unless of course you use this for “practice”.

  29. In meantime mass effect Andromeda was cracked too, so while waiting you could play that πŸ˜›

  30. For those who cant wait for the crack you can use the serial.bin from the c release to the d one but you need to delete your settings.bin every time you start cemu otherwhise it wont run!

  31. I’m sure they fixed it for amd users just to make more money before “free release”

  32. Given you have been the only one to step up to the plate for such a challenge. Id like to commemorate you for the time you’ve invested in these cracks. Thank you on behalf to those who disagree with time walls in an open source world. Not only has your work managed to show what is possible, but it also allows for a lesson to those who create the software (Hence a learning experience for all)

    Dont mind those who flock with entitlement man – keep doing you & flow with what you enjoy creating into the world. Your skills are an artistic medium in the technological world.

  33. Hey, first thx for your time!
    I run 1.7.4c , it show “verified” no problem until a crash happen, i restart cemu and now i have it “unverified/slow”, if i reinstal in a new folder it turn verified and i can play until the next crash turning it unverified, again, and again, and again.. maybe you can be interested by my case btw great work.
    Am i the only one its happenning?

  34. as far as i know, 1.7.4d fixed amd flickering and other graphics bugs, but we would need to make a new shadercache

  35. Please crack the 1.7.4d, we really need it, the users of AMD is the only way of play, please help us.

  36. For me 1.7.4c, if I open it once and close it, it wont open again. And Zelda wont even load

  37. Cemu 1.7.4d, hard protection huh? No one could offer a crack on this version of T_T

  38. Maple-Tree (Easy Installer Update and DLC):


    Graphic Packs:


    H264 decoder support plugin for Cemu:


    Complete Shader Cache Collection:


    New Super Mario Bros U + New Super Luigi U crash fix (Put in Cemu\mlc01\sys\title\0005001b\10056000\content folder):


    Save files for Cemu:


  39. guys, the more you bother him, the more he will delay or not to happen the cracking process. so..SHUT THE FUCK UP

  40. Im patience just want to he know that im waiting for it, i can even donate for it, just want to know if is working on it thats all, beside that i dont care the time, im patience.


      Wait for the public release on the 9th, and you won’t have to pay anything! You’re patient, five days is nothing πŸ˜›

  41. Maybe, but just maybe in the public release the 9th, is not implemented the fix for AMD users of the 1.4.7d, whit out it is unplayable.

    • 1. Not implementing the AMD fixes would be detrimental to them, it would prove their ONLY trying to make money.

      2. I’ve played 8 hours in it’s current state, are you using the shader packs? (I use the AA, remove bokoblin eyes, and hirez shadows if that helps) Little choppy yeah, but better than no zelda πŸ˜›


      3. The Patreon builds are essentially paid betas, it’s so they can address issues on different builds.

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