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The roadmap for the libretro loader:

  • Input support/config
  • Savestates/saves
  • Vulkan (possibly, need an excuse to learn a new API.)
  • In-app core variable config

Whats done:

  • Dynamic rate control
  • Core variable support
  • Full support for x64 cores
  • OpenGL support for cores such as Mupen64Plus

Lately I have been using the following Windows 10 app for streaming TV.

It does a pretty good job of collating all the on-demand streaming done by each Australian TV channel (complete with selection for stream quality and different feeds depending on region). However there is a nasty bug:

Whenever Nvidia Fast-Sync is enabled, major frame stuttering/pacing issues occur. To fix it, its a simple case of adding a Win10 app specific override as follows:

Any vertical-sync option apart from “Off” or “Fast” should fix it. Hopefully this gets fixed by the developer.