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Its kinda sad seeing people manufacture drama at the expense of other people’s reputation, all in the name for cheap laughs and cred on some forum.

Like claiming you are *solely* responsible for someone’s death, even when you:

* Hardly know the person and what they even did OR
* Had got along very well with said person and would never ever wish them dead.

Also, other things are constantly dragged up, like past arguments used against some people being brought up as fuel to start a nonexistent fire or  fuel old wars. Or claiming that you impersonate people on hate speech forums, of all the abhorrent things to do. Or just attribute *anything* to you that can be considered drama-worthy, in order for cheap laughs.

I personally wish that such things would end, as I would rather be programming things. I must say its wearing thin dealing with this thing on a constant, weekly basis, as if some in-joke. Its actions like this that make me wonder why I do emulation stuff anymore, if the end user base is so toxic.  At least the approach for handling the angrylion-plus n64 stuff for parallel-n64, worked at least (not dealing with end users at all), though I noticed people are trying to drag down people in relation to that, as if RetroArch is some competition with them (hint: it isn’t).