What happened:

  • Acquired a 3DS again for homebrew development.          
  • Did some work on foo_dsp_effect. GUIs for changing effect parameters are now fully non modal and accessible in two clicks or a keyboard button press. Also, the pitch effects have been rewritten to have smooth changes instead of the clunky effects in the past. This is coming in a future WIP, and I have no release date set.
  • While noticing members saying garbage about a friend of mine……noticed the following:    
  • Well, I appreciate the sentiment after about 9 years I guess. That’s a rather nice thing to say, that I can be talented if I put my whole mind to it. Definitely changes my whole perspective of what I think about byuu :). Which leaves me wondering what to think about Kakashi….


Worked on proper reflections these time, doesn’t seem to be that intensive on framerate. Ideally the floor should be something of a fluid.

Got a vague idea of what the next prod will be, but either:

  1. Don’t want to spoil things too much
  2. Don’t want to make things too ambitious.
  3. Conversely, don’t make it too plain to fall into common tropes these days.

To be quite honest, I don’t know anymore if I’ll make it to Syntax this year. I hope I do but currently some things happened that are way out of my hands and I don’t know if trips will be possible this year.

So, I got a new GPU:


Not sure what to do next. I still have the notes for Dune written down, could go do some more stuff in regards to that and pray the demo machine is a 1080 based setup or something. Or I shot myself in the foot and should have went with AMD instead.

At least now games like Metro 2033 and Doom run properly now. I should go ahead with that idea to make a lemon PC for coding though I suppose.

Spent the last few days writing up some code for Dune.

Mainly spent time trying to find optimizations here and there. Main optimizations were found regutting using OGL4 functions. For instance:

And the mainloop as:

Much more simplified than before, which means space savings (yay). Had to make a external texture for post processing though, due to some effects being impossible to do purely in the raymarch (which is too restrictive). I have some ideas on what to do for the demo though, just need to sit down and prototype some. And then work with a musician to slap it all together with some sync and stuff into one neat package.