Spent a bit working on doing more on the “shader lathe”.

Some things are missing:

  • FFTs
  • LUTs
  • Post processing (DoF/AA)

Meanwhile, GNU Rocket and widget integration was added. Now its possible to edit shader variable by GUI elements or by a script.

Been spending more hours on CSGO….

Yeah…been spending more time on my casual matches than deathmatch. Been avoiding competitive due to not wanting long matches and not having a decent amount of friends to play it with. Been playing it just to spend time on something at least after work.

That and Doom. Doom runs so well and plays so well too. Tiago Sousa and the rest of the people at iD are gods.




Lately I have been playing games after work and on my days off to pass the time. Most of the time its CSGO.

After around 150 hours, started to get better, never going to try competitive though. Still got a long way to go. Its nigh on impossible to play at night, due to medication completely dulling senses and response time. so only chance I can play is at morning and afternoons.

Recordings of other games might go up, depending if they have licensed music of course.

Get a decent crosshair:

Read this for moar info. Seriously

Turns out it can make a massive difference. I wish I knew crosshairs were as configurable as this in games. Who knew, right?

Sorry for not shit like coding your emulators or libretro frontends, or EXE/DLL packers, or audio DSP plugins.

Well actually, I am not sorry at all. I like having a life outside programming all the time.

Yes, I buy games with the money I make from work. I am a terrible human being for not making Cemu cracks constantly so Exzap can improve his DRM so in turn it helps his money stream.

Heck, I should go back to playing Bulletstorm and CSGO even if they are deemed shit games…I heard Yooka-Laylee sucks too. Even though I bought it at launch and rebought Bulletstorm even though I did my own GFWL emulator DLL just to play the original Bulletstorm…