Lately I have been using the following Windows 10 app for streaming TV.

It does a pretty good job of collating all the on-demand streaming done by each Australian TV channel (complete with selection for stream quality and different feeds depending on region). However there is a nasty bug:

Whenever Nvidia Fast-Sync is enabled, major frame stuttering/pacing issues occur. To fix it, its a simple case of adding a Win10 app specific override as follows:

Any vertical-sync option apart from “Off” or “Fast” should fix it. Hopefully this gets fixed by the developer.

Ended buying a real fidget cube.

Nice to see that Antsy Labs now sells via a global distributor. The difference in cubes compared to my knockoff was obvious:

  • The switch is recessed deeper and has a rather nice satisfying click.
  • The ball bearing can be clicked in
  • The rollers are raised for more surface area
  • The circle wheel works properly and smooth
  • The joystick is more like a 3DS circlepad instead of a loose joystick
  • The 5 buttons on the bottom side each can be pushed differently instead of one way.
  • Build quality is greatly improved.
  • The real cube comes in a nice case.

For people wanting a video review, “Fidget Central” did a nice unpacking video of the real deal:

And here is a video (done by “The Coffee Apple”) of the brand of knockoff I also bought, called the “Gidget Widget”. Avoid at all costs. Heh.:




What happened:

  • Played Starcraft for a bit, up to the point of getting into Brood War.

So nice to be able to relax again. Been catching up on CSGO though, haven’t done much new videos.

  • Been working on and off on foo_dsp_effect, gave it its dedicated Git repository this time since I think its big enough for that. Started to add 3 other audio DSPs to the effect array.
  • Finally watched Ghost in the Shell, was a decent enough movie, to me at least.

  • Figured stopping doing Cemu cracking. Would rather do other stuff than constantly cracking the same thing over and over again. People still think I was paid by Exzap a fee to stop doing it, and people will just believe what they want to believe regardless of what was said.
  • That said, made the Cemu hack DLL open source. Figured it might be useful to whoever wants it. It still needs some things like checking memory page permissions as well as optimizations to the pattern search, as well as general additions for patching and inserting code caves.



http://mudlord.info/trashheap/cemu_patcher.exe (for those that don’t want to download the above package and just wanna use the uncracked 1.7.3d build running around on 4chan.org). Nukes settings.bin though since some values are in it that are needed for the crack to work.

Use the included files. Should be obvious what executable is used to run the cracked version.

Backup settings.bin if you want to mess with the uncracked version in x64dbg. I included the x64dbg patch database if you want to mess with the uncracked version some more, to find a more efficient way to patch, etc.


Technical details:

  • Just does the bare minimum to crack it. Did this purely to have something out as thoroughly reversing and keygenning the target would take significantly more time than just plain stupid shooting holes in the DRM.
  • Forces HWIDs and timestamps calculated in Cemu.exe to match the ones in settings.bin, so you need that file.
  • The 64bit fingerprint was done by plain serial fishing, anyone who wants to know how that works can just read the many documents on reading values and things in a debugger.
  • You also need the serial.bin included to pass the serial.bin checks. Didn’t patch the serial.bin check out.

In continuing the series, here’s what I seen and done so far.

  • Finished my documentation of the Cemu Patreon DRM system in its current form. This was done in the hope of showing weaknesses and thus showing potential improvements that can be made in future. However, it seemed none of the advice was taken, so I took the next logical step and reversed engineered the serial number scheme, while doing no modifications of the executable at all. This culminated in a keyfile generator+loader which works on past and present versions of Cemu. The results of the research are on my Github as well as documented in a blog post here.
  • Finalized my Odroid+Android development setup. The Odroid XU4 looks nice in its case, I find it quite cute.
  • AVs are proven to be snakeoil. I knew this for ages from false positives with what I program, glad that its now been made public by other people that AVs can be in most cases pointless.
  • Dirt 4 is coming out. Looks rather nice, cannot wait. Absolutely loved Dirt 2, though the GFWL DRM was a pain, so a xlive.dll proxy took care of that, such as for Bulletstorm too. Questioning whether to get Bulletstorm’s remaster too.

Managed to get it all setup.

Set-up is a Odroid UX4 with a 16GB eMMC for Ubuntu, and a 16GB microSD for Android. Didn’t take that long to set up. For some reason the fans stall when booted. Maybe a power saving feature? Anyway, Ubuntu seems pretty responsive from what I tried. Will set up gcc and other tools when I get the chance.

Android doesn’t take long to boot either and seems okay. Haven’t installed root access for hacked things yet. Would definately do that for some emulation related stuff on there. Would be fun to try out Android emulation things for myself and to see what the fuss is about.

Here is a guide for those wanting to use the quite common SDR/DVBT RTL2832U COFDM demodulator on Windows 10. The Realtek RTL832u chip is used very commonly in the SDR radio scene.

If you use software such as SichboPVR on Windows 10 with the default drivers and try to tune the channels, this happens:

This guide is an attempt to easily remedy that. I have used this method many times without fail.

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So this is the second entry.

Not much happened. Didn’t end up spending time on the emulator. Been mostly sleeping after work and other non computer things. Ended up getting things for the Odroid though. Will end up getting a case for it too.

– Noticed Steam has really messed up tagging….

Yeah, Steam is fundamentally flawed.

– Kaby Lake’s only real use is for DRM.

Was pondering of saving up for a Kaby Lake but probably will change to Skylake instead. I hate the idea of being forced to stay on Windows 10. That or being forced onto Linux. Though, its not as if people are not forced onto Windows 10 already at the behest of UWP and DX12.

– During a Windows 10 install, Windows is pushy about browser choice:

– Another emulator violates the GPL, again. I am growing tired of how blatant this is on the Google Store.

Saw someone asking for decent 4K rendering performance for oscs with FB2K, since the built in ones use GDI+. Would make sense to write a scope that does almost everything in the pixel shader, only drawing on FB2K visualization services for FFT spectrum and sample data. Was pondering for some time making something ala MilkDrop, but for modern OpenGL. Though thats just a personal thought.

– Ended up reinstalling Windows 10 again, as usual.