Managed to get it all setup.

Set-up is a Odroid UX4 with a 16GB eMMC for Ubuntu, and a 16GB microSD for Android. Didn’t take that long to set up. For some reason the fans stall when booted. Maybe a power saving feature? Anyway, Ubuntu seems pretty responsive from what I tried. Will set up gcc and other tools when I get the chance.

Android doesn’t take long to boot either and seems okay. Haven’t installed root access for hacked things yet. Would definately do that for some emulation related stuff on there. Would be fun to try out Android emulation things for myself and to see what the fuss is about.

Happy new year.

Been working on something for a bit and got it to boot at least something. Still a massive amount of things left to do.

  • Gonna be busy from here on out for at least 3 weekdays so far. Would be a nice distraction from everything. Irukandji would be something to do on the nights of those 3 weekdays at least.
  • Christmas break was okay, been spending it on Steam and things. Got some nice things from people, which is nice.
  • Looked at a company’s EXIF tool and extended it with RE of course.
  • Should really focus on personal projs and things for libretro in the new year, and not be so focused on negativity.
  • Need to work out a proper demo concept for this year though for Flashback (which is back this year) and Syntax.

Figured I reuse components from winmupen:

To be honest I am amazed the code still works. Sure its limited to mupen64plus 2.0 but at least it works.  The rombrowser is unique in that it also supports Drag and Drop, so if you drag a compressed ROM, it will run it straight away instead of being confined to the rombrowser.

ROM browser is simplistic enough.

Options was decent since it is split into tabs. Could add video/input/audio options in there instead.

So, I got a new GPU:


Not sure what to do next. I still have the notes for Dune written down, could go do some more stuff in regards to that and pray the demo machine is a 1080 based setup or something. Or I shot myself in the foot and should have went with AMD instead.

At least now games like Metro 2033 and Doom run properly now. I should go ahead with that idea to make a lemon PC for coding though I suppose.

Spent the last few days writing up some code for Dune.

Mainly spent time trying to find optimizations here and there. Main optimizations were found regutting using OGL4 functions. For instance:

And the mainloop as:

Much more simplified than before, which means space savings (yay). Had to make a external texture for post processing though, due to some effects being impossible to do purely in the raymarch (which is too restrictive). I have some ideas on what to do for the demo though, just need to sit down and prototype some. And then work with a musician to slap it all together with some sync and stuff into one neat package.