In continuing the series, here’s what I seen and done so far.

  • Wrote a small tutorial on how to get a DVB-T dongle working properly on Windows 10.
  • Set up NBN for some people. Found out all the troubles with connection speed were entirely down to wireless being subpar. Ended up suggesting CAT5E. Which I should have done in less than a hour. Yey D:.
  • Someone made a lightswitch run Android. Neato.
  • Managed to set up the Odroid XU4 with Ubuntu and Android on seperate storage devices. Runs well so far, need to set up the video drivers on the Ubuntu side of things, and in my haste, forgot a Wifi dongle since I mistook the Odroid for having a Wifi module. Heh.
  • Spent a while looking more at private Git. Now got it set up where its easy for me and seems to work out okay. Went to the trouble of a custom page when other people try to access it. Took a while for page rewriting to work but in the end works okay. In the past for mupack2 and other things, I used Dreamhost’s hosted Subversion. Seems now they installed Git and all I really had to do to make it look okay is install Gitweb. Gitweb looks okay, as shown here on Notaz’s repos. Offers enough flexibility for me to easily make source zips/tarballs for testing and other things.
  • Did some sleuthing into Cemu (the WiiU emulator) and its DRM system. Documented pretty much the entire process, should be helpful until they change the entire thing.

Managed to get it all setup.

Set-up is a Odroid UX4 with a 16GB eMMC for Ubuntu, and a 16GB microSD for Android. Didn’t take that long to set up. For some reason the fans stall when booted. Maybe a power saving feature? Anyway, Ubuntu seems pretty responsive from what I tried. Will set up gcc and other tools when I get the chance.

Android doesn’t take long to boot either and seems okay. Haven’t installed root access for hacked things yet. Would definately do that for some emulation related stuff on there. Would be fun to try out Android emulation things for myself and to see what the fuss is about.

Here is a guide for those wanting to use the quite common SDR/DVBT RTL2832U COFDM demodulator on Windows 10. The Realtek RTL832u chip is used very commonly in the SDR radio scene.

If you use software such as SichboPVR on Windows 10 with the default drivers and try to tune the channels, this happens:

This guide is an attempt to easily remedy that. I have used this method many times without fail.

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So this is the second entry.

Not much happened. Didn’t end up spending time on the emulator. Been mostly sleeping after work and other non computer things. Ended up getting things for the Odroid though. Will end up getting a case for it too.

– Noticed Steam has really messed up tagging….

Yeah, Steam is fundamentally flawed.

– Kaby Lake’s only real use is for DRM.

Was pondering of saving up for a Kaby Lake but probably will change to Skylake instead. I hate the idea of being forced to stay on Windows 10. That or being forced onto Linux. Though, its not as if people are not forced onto Windows 10 already at the behest of UWP and DX12.

– During a Windows 10 install, Windows is pushy about browser choice:

– Another emulator violates the GPL, again. I am growing tired of how blatant this is on the Google Store.

Saw someone asking for decent 4K rendering performance for oscs with FB2K, since the built in ones use GDI+. Would make sense to write a scope that does almost everything in the pixel shader, only drawing on FB2K visualization services for FFT spectrum and sample data. Was pondering for some time making something ala MilkDrop, but for modern OpenGL. Though thats just a personal thought.

– Ended up reinstalling Windows 10 again, as usual.

Starting to get very annoyed with people who don’t start thinking critically for themselves, to try to work things out for themselves instead of just blindly having faith in something. Same goes for programming, don’t like something? Do it your own way. Nothing’s stopping you, nothing is too hard, skills can be learnt, etc.

I swear, each day, reddit is becoming less and less appealing as a discussion medium. At least with 4chan you know where people stand.

Happy new year.

Been working on something for a bit and got it to boot at least something. Still a massive amount of things left to do.

  • Gonna be busy from here on out for at least 3 weekdays so far. Would be a nice distraction from everything. Irukandji would be something to do on the nights of those 3 weekdays at least.
  • Christmas break was okay, been spending it on Steam and things. Got some nice things from people, which is nice.
  • Looked at a company’s EXIF tool and extended it with RE of course.
  • Should really focus on personal projs and things for libretro in the new year, and not be so focused on negativity.
  • Need to work out a proper demo concept for this year though for Flashback (which is back this year) and Syntax.

Just testing out something for future updates to the blog. Figured since my Internet is now more than adequate for video streaming and uploads, finally spend some time with OBS Studio and do some recordings of code I did.

Here is a prod I did.